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All small businesses wrestle with the issue of whether or not to advertise and how much to spend on advertising. One such method of improving your brand recognition and number of visitors is through pay per click or PPC advertising services . This is an Internet advertising model where various companies such as Google, Bing or Yahoo among others, will drive traffic to your site and in exchange, have you pay a small fee per click. This fee varies depending upon what keywords you use to drive traffic to your site. For example, if the keywords are more competitive then the clicks become more expensive.
Since most businesses have an online presence–should you use PPC to bring in more traffic? Read on to learn more.
Pros of PPC
One benefit of PPC is that your web traffic will increase almost instantly. To illustrate, it can take years and a lot of time to make it to the top of the organic search engine results pages. But, when you use PPC, there is potential to get instantaneous traffic. The question is: how much is a website visitor worth to your business?


One of the sweet options available to PPC users are the advanced a demographic targeting tools. With these tools, you can drill down on more specific prospect targets using qualifiers such as location, browser, and operating system among many others. This can help target the profile of visitors you are looking for.
 Another advantage of PPC is retargeting. These are the ads that follow you wherever you go online. Essentially, if a client or prospect shows interest in your industry, then one of your PPC ads might pop up during their normal online query activities.
The online landscape is also very diverse. People are becoming savvier when it comes to determining what they want to find through the online search engines. Ad, through speech recognition more and more longtail keywords are being used. For instance, instead of typing a search such as, “gold prices,” users might now type or save searches in the form of a question such as, “how much will gold prices go up next year?” That would be a longform search or a longtail keyword. If you keep that in mind, then PPC can be very profitable return on your investment.


PPC can be considered a short-term strategy to get the instant business that you can add complement other online marketing tactics.
Cons of PPC
If you’re a novice to PPC, then you can quickly lose a lot of money. For instance, you set up a PPC campaign blindly, and your website receives a large number of clicks but they are not the type of visitors you want. The unfortunate part is you still have to pay for them.
In addition, there might not be as much low hanging fruit as you would like. Just because PPC advertisingcan produce instant results, it does not mean that those results are the ones you want nor are they always easy to obtain. On the other hand, it can also take weeks or months for the benefits to arrive.
Whatever route you decide to take, it is important to always keep track of your progress and results. Before introducing PPC makes sure you are creating quality content that will organically bring in genuine interested visitors into your website. To get started in attracting visitors organically, take a look at the 30 Tips To Generate Leads eBook.



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